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Networking Bootcamp: the competitive advantage of being the topic of conversation

Nobody likes to be talked about! But Wait…. In the world of networking… YOU WANT to be the person everyone is buzzing about!

International networking coach, Linda Sztanko will take you through some simple strategies to become the person in the room that everyone wants to meet. She will give you the
secrets to leveraging your network to showcase YOU as the expert everyone wants to know, do business with and refer others to.

Meet Linda Sztanko …

As a Networking Coach, Follow-up Expert, Trainer and Speaker Linda’s passion IS people. She speak to audiences about WHY building relationships before business is so import for professional longevity and that it is key to bring value to build a successfully growing business. Using strategies and tools, Linda helps others overcome the overwhelm of meeting people, engaging in small talk to become the person everyone in the room wants to know, do business with and refer people to. Linda’s specializes in networking strategies for individuals, business and groups to create long lasting relationships and follow-up systems for increased referrals and improved customer and client retention. She offers one on one coaching, on- line webinars and training programs on the subject through her company Linda Sztanko International. Linda is a published author, award winning entrepreneur.