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Jessica Manuel

Jessica Manuel


Break The Chain: Find the Link that is Holding You Back From Success.

– How to build your brand through understanding your authenticity
– Presenting YOU in a POWERFUL way!
– Growing a business naturally and with confidence
– How to limit resistance and Break Chains off your personal and professional life.

Meet Jessica Manuel …

Jessica Manuel is known as “The Chain Breaker”. She teaches others how to Break Chains and reach a new level of authenticity, confidence and passion by understanding or using their personal story to build a business and make a powerful impact.

Jessica has spoke at over 195 live presentations since 2011. In 2012 she delivered 48 speeches in 3 months, raising 3.1 million dollars for the Niagara St. Catharines and District United Way Campaign and was one of five Canadian Ambassadors for the Rotary GSE (Group Study Exchange), travelling and presenting in the Philippines for 30 days in 2013. After representing the 2014 Ontario FoodBank Association Annual Hunger Report consisting of subsequent radio interviews, her story has now reached over 3.3 million people. Now Jessica is a coach, leader and consultant for many others aspiring to do the same.

Jessica’s story of overcoming opposition and how she leveraged it to create an exceptional brand, business and mission would benefit anyone, whether they are experiencing hard times or has a successful business, Jessica can motivate and inspire change anywhere she goes.