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Shell Brodnax

Shell Brodnax

Changing Your Mindset …Be An Expert!

It’s not always the people who start out the smartest that end up the smartest.

Find out if you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset to determine what’s holding you back from
becoming the expert in your field, then use this new found knowledge to deep dive into understanding:

  • Is your expert mojo really your thing?
  • Are you an expert or a wannabe?
  • Your new plan to expert status!

“An expert is someone that has already made all the mistakes they could have possibly made in their chosen field”

Meet Fay Chapple …

Fay Chapple is an Award Winning Entrepreneur, Global Business Strategist, Motivational Speaker and A Leading Expert in Business, Social Selling, Lifestyle & Wellbeing. A successful global executive running business units for world renowned multinational organizations for over 25 years, until suddenly a catastrophic life altering event threw her a curve she never saw coming. Armed with an MBA and new found sense of reality, her mission is to help you make significant changes to your life and your business in order to achieve success, happiness and love. She is the Founder of Clarity Group International.
Fay shares her expertise, introducing you outside the box thinking, exploring new paths for success, and to be unabashedly ok with acknowledging we rarely have a balanced life, life isn’t always fair, and it’s pretty much guaranteed that we can’t have it all! But, what we can have is pretty spectacular!
Fay’s highly sought after masterminds, live events, think tanks and keynotes have taught thousands of people around the globe to realize their dreams and launch million dollar businesses. She is also the Executive Director of The One Red Lipstick Project, Documentary and Best Seller.