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Marketing Motivational Madness: Breaking the Glass Ceiling

1) Expect More (Create a Bigger Dream)

2) Bring on Your Badass

3) Tap into Your Inner Guidance and Take Inspired Action

4) Let go of the Ledge

5) Build Momentum

6) Release what Doesn’t Serve You as Well as Attachment to the Outcome

7) Reflect on What You Will do Better Next Time

Meet Marianne …

Marianne Cherico is a personal and professional development coach. She has also owned and operated a successful Home Staging Business since 2005. Her background includes 27 years in Real Estate sales and marketing. Marianne has coached many home stagers on how to up level their business through mindset skills and savvy business strategies. Helping home stagers own their magnificence and create a life and business that sets their soul on fire is Marianne’s sweet spot! Marianne has been a featured speaker for RESA on both a National and local level as well as numerous podcasts and radio shows. She was delighted to be the creator and host of the telesummit Your Home Staging Business on Fire which features interviews with 21 top home staging experts as they share their best kept secrets on building a successful staging business. If you are looking for a coach who will help you supercharge your staging business, Marianne is your gal!